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Drain layers and drainage services

Napier, Hastings and Taupo

When you have a problem with drainage, you really know about it. It’s a problem you’ll want to get sorted as fast as possible. Our drain layers will have your drains flowing freely and efficiently, whether you need repairs to an existing drain or a new system installed. We handle residential, commercial and industrial drainage, including large scale systems where heavy machinery is needed.


Specialist drain laying services:

  • Storm water repairs and installation
  • Sewer repairs and installation
  • Grease and silt interceptor traps for commercial situations
  • Flooding and water infiltration projects
  • Manholes and pump chambers
  • Detention and retention tanks and cesspit installation

Waste water treatment and septic tank installation

For people living or working away from city services, we design and install new and replacement waste water treatment plants and septic tank systems. This includes repairing or replacing effluent fields to pump effluent or grey water from a septic tank to a leach field. These systems are ideal for lifestyle blocks, farms and other rural businesses.

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