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Advanced Plumbing can supply and install a Continuous Gas Hot Water system just in time for Winter!

Pre-Winter Special  $2550 plus GST


Why choose Continuous Gas Hot Water?

Cost Efficiency

You only pay to heat the water you use as you do not need to store hot water as you would with an electric cylinder, this will significantly reduce your annual running costs.  Gas is supplied through natural gas piped from the street or refillable LPG bottles.

Endless Flow of Hot Water

No more cold showers!  There will always be enough hot water for the whole family, whether it be when showering consecutively or multiple showers in the household running at once and on mains pressure.  This is the perfect option for families and commercial situations such as gym locker rooms or accommodation.

Space Saving

Where space is limited, a continuous flow system is the perfect solution. Because it doesn’t require a hot water cylinder, it takes up far less room. Also, gas units are most usually fitted on an outside wall, allowing more space inside the house.


This special is based on supply and installation of either the Rinnai A26 Gas Heater or the Rheem 27 Gas Heater.

Please refer to our terms and conditions below.

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Terms and Conditions for Gas Hot Water Installation/Upgrade

Allows to isolate, drain and disconnect the current hot water cylinder and valves, stripping out and removing from site.
Allows to remove the cylinder exhaust pipework from the roof and cover the roof penetration with small dektite flashing to ensure it is weather-tight.
Allows to supply and install 1 x Rinnai A26 LPG continuous flow gas water heater to the external wall of the house that is both compliant and in a suitable proximity to the bathroom and kitchen to reduce the draw off times of cold water.
Allows for the water heater and gas bottles regulator to be installed on the exterior wall adjacent to the existing hot water cylinder.
Allows to supply 2 x pavers for the gas bottles to sit on.
Allows for all gas and water pipework to be mounted externally connecting into the existing water services under the floor of the house.
Allows for all external water pipework to be insulated in solar rated black insulation.
Allows to supply and install 1 x Auto change over regulator and gas legs for 2 x 45 kg gas bottles.
Allows to supply and install 1 x LPG bottle restraint kit.
Allows to supply and install new hot, cold and gas pipework to the new installation.
Allows to commission the new installation and certify on completion.
Customer required to contact their gas company of choice to ensure 2 x 45 kg bottles are delivered to site before the end of the installation day so the system can be commissioned.
No allowance to replace existing reticulated water supply to house.
No allowance for replacement of shower mixer if existing system is an unequal or equal low pressure.
No allowance for electrical disconnection of the existing hot water cylinder and the installation of an exterior switched socket for the new water heater. ( Unless state otherwise )
No allowance for any repairs or replacement to any existing plumbing fixtures, drainage, tapware or associated pipework and valves unless stated otherwise.
No allowance to cover the base boards or similar behind the gas bottles if this area is not sealed. The area behind bottles is to be sealed to ground level to comply with nzbc gas regulations. (1.0 metre either side and behind both gas bottles ).
Please note: If converting the hot water system from low pressure, the existing shower mixer may need to be upgraded to suit the new mains supply pressure. The is an allowance to remove the venturi valve from the shower mixer as this will restrict water pressure with the upgraded hot water system.
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